First Aid

Since my human went on a canine first aid course all kinds of crazy things have happened to me. My human has been checking my pulse, checking my gums and checking for any lumps or bumps. Apparently on the course they spent a lot of time learning about what is and isn’t normal health for a dog and any signs to look out for. They also spent time learning about prevention – as well as dealing with first aid emergencies. I think that’s why my human has been bandaging my paws, ears and tail up for practice.

During the course my human practiced first aid on a fake dog called Gerry. I can’t be jealous because he wasn’t a real dog, he was a canine CPR dummy that Blue Cross nurses use to train.

It’s good that my human knows how to do basic first aid on dogs but touch wood I’ve never had a first aid emergency nor have any of my walking buddies. My human on the other hand got stung in the mouth, in the middle of the tongue by a bee when out in Watergate Country Park, so, maybe my human would have benefited more from a first aid course for humans? Luckily I heard my human saying they learnt about the differences between wasp and bee stings and what to do, which is good because my paws can’t do first aid!

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