Oh, deer!

IMG_9557What a difference a week makes. After a bright and sunny start to the half term holidays it had actually started to feel like ‘spring had sprung’. Just a week ago I was lounged across my humans, sunbathing in the conservatory in glorious sunshine. Today I’ve been out in at least four inches of snow that fell overnight. My humans woke up and seemed quite surprised; I woke up and dashed out the back door running in circles and doing doggie cartwheels in celebration of my favourite weather… yippee!

To top off what has been a wonderful Whickham whiteout, my humans and I had a beautiful walk through Watergate Forest Park. Should I say: I had a run, they walked along clad in wellington boots, bobble hats and ski-jackets (anyone would think it was the Arctic).

My humans were very happy to spot the elusive Watergate deer while they were out, which was a beautiful sight in the snow. I was disappointed because after they quickly darted off I couldn’t pick up their scent because of all the snow (drat) but I think my humans were quietly pleased about that. It’s just a shame they didn’t hang around a bit longer to strike a pose  a bit closer to the camera.


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