Very sad news

This Easter I have received the very sad news that Ginny, one of the dogs that I walk, was killed in a tragic accident while out with her owners. She was only seven months old and was such a beautiful puppy, so full of character and life. She will be dearly missed. Ginny’s owners are totally devastated by her loss and I can only hope that cherishing the happy memories they had together will offer some comfort at this very difficult time.

Ginny’s owner has written a memorial to her…


In memory of Ginny

Our gorgeous 7 month old puppy Ginny who died following a tragic accident on 28 March 2013.  She touched a lot of hearts in her short life and we feel so lucky to have had the privilege of her being a massive part of our family.  She brought so much laughter and fun and unconditional love.  We love and miss her so much.  We are so sorry. You will always be in our thoughts and hearts dear Ginny dog. ❤

Written by Marilyn Levey.


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