Halloween is coming…

For those of you that remember last years fun we had a fab Halloween walk with some lovely fancy dressed doggies… we are having a walk again this year on Sunday 30th October. Doggie fancy dress essential, please register your interest on the Whickham Walkies facebook page if you’d like to come along: https://www.facebook.com/events/1757272094533209/

Here’s a recap of some of last year’s lovely costumes…


Please help!

I’m trying to get more support for a petition against a controversial beagle puppy farm that has been given the go ahead to operate in Hull, for the purposes of supplying animal testing laboratories.

If you can please take a moment to sign the petition and also if you could share the link on social media that would be great…

Beagle Puppy Farm Petition Link – Change.org


More information about the puppy farm on Sky news article…
Beagle Puppy Farm Article – Sky News

This is very close to my heart. We have two beagles that walk regularly with us and the thought of using such beautiful, defenseless, loving animals in such a cruel and in-humane way is unthinkable. Please, please, please take a moment to support the petition if you can…

Thanks for your help

Leanne Warren @ Whickham Walkies

Autumn Blog


Dapper Dogs

A huge congratulations to Jasper and Dodge’s Mum and Dad who have very recently married at the base of the Old Man of Coniston in the Lakes and are looking fabulous on their special day. As you can see from the photo, our much loved ring bearing cockapoo duo really dressed to impress, giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘dapper’. Eat your heart out 007!


Prior to the wedding their groomer gave them a much lighter trim than normal to showcase their good locks. Thank you so much for letting us share this beautiful photograph!

Wedding Photography by Kirk Elliott at Twilight Weddings.

Superhero Cyclists Save the Day

Also this month we owe a very big thank you to the cycling father and son duo – Kevin and Colin from South Shields – who saved the day when we got into difficulties during a walk at the Derwent.

They are our superheroes and I’m just so grateful that a pair of total strangers were willing to stop and help and it’s so nice to know there are such kind and nice people in the world. Thank you so much for everything – you were superstars and Oscar and Murphy say a very big thank you, even if they didn’t show it at the time!


Frisbee Face

When we stocked up with toys for the new term it is without question Frisbees that have proved to be the biggest hit of the season so far, followed by a close second… safe sticks. Frisbee hoops are a hit for me because they are washable, and the hoop type can be carried by the doggies around their necks if they get bored of playing with them. For the doggies – well because they are just fun, fun, fun.

We have been working on the controlled fetch of Frisbees with a few of our guys and gals which works well as they tend to land flat and not roll on like balls do. Even better they make for a very fun game of tug of war, so everyone can get in on the action. Watch a video of two of our lovelies Oscar and Paws having a good old game of tug of war…

Cockapoo Birthday Celebrations

Bouncing Birthday Boy!

Sam the classroom cockapoo, who we told you all about in the last news update has just turned one and as part of his birthday celebrations has met up with all his cockapoo brothers and sisters and Mum and Dad! Unfortunately they didn’t get shots of everyone together but you might be as surprised as I was when you see the variety of colours from this cockapoo litter…


Sam’s Mum Caroline explains:

The black one on the left is Rofl, the mam, and there’s Sam next to his sister Lola with Pip at the front (when he was born he was smaller than a hamster and they thought he wouldn’t make it – now he’s one of the biggest and bounciest!). There’s also Elmo, a three month old pup who came for socialisation. All the dogs in the picture except Pip ‘work’, or will work in the future, at school with disadvantaged kids!

Missing from the photo are: Barney (the dad) and Bobby (a brother) who were off scampering about somewhere and Bonnie (sister) who couldn’t make it. It was fabulous and of course Sam found the muddiest puddle to jump in (none of the others did!!)

Happy Birthday to muddy pup Sam and thanks Caroline for the update and the photo.

More Birthday Celebrations

Also a very happy Birthday to Paws who will also be celebrating his first birthday in a couple of days…


Whickham Walkies is also very happy to be another year older and would like to thank primarily all of our doggies for just being so them; and of course to our loyal customers. I’m really proud to be celebrating another birthday and although we’ve no grand plans to lay on a soiree, put up the bunting or hire a brass band, I would just like to thank each and every one of my customers for choosing Whickham Walkies, it’s really appreciated. Thank you xx

Identification Tags

While we were out and about this month two ten month old bouncing boxers bolted off from their owner and decided to join our walk. Unfortunately I was left totally baffled about what to do with the energetic pair with no owners in sight, as the two very energetic pups weren’t wearing identification tags. I had no idea who they belonged to, as I hadn’t met them out and about before and don’t carry a microchip scanner so had no way of knowing who their owners were or where they were.

Thankfully the  owner eventually appeared and they were happily reunited but that could have been a lot less stressful for everyone if they were wearing a collar and tag as I could have just called her on her mobile to tell her I had her dogs. It’s such a simple thing but please remember your dog needs to be wearing basic identification (and of course it’s a legal requirement).


Without question it has to have been one of the nicest summers that we’ve had a in a long time and we have lots of photies from the summer months…

Summer Snaps

There’s a variety of summer snaps that are currently getting uploaded to the website so check them out if you get the chance and check back soon for more news and views…



Spring Blogathon

We’ve got a busy spring blog, not really sure how it’s May already? There are things on here I’ve been meaning to upload for ages… so here goes…

Travelling in style…

Two of our cockapoos have been having fun-times, off out with their mum and dad on a sixty mile charity bike ride in the Lakes. Some of it running alongside them and the rest of it travelling by doggie carriage. The pair were a bit pooped out the week after their run, but I’m sure Mum and Dad were probably worse! Well done boys and to their Mummy and Daddy!


Making a splash

Our most adventurous and water loving dog (if there’s a rock he has to climb it, if there’s water he has to splash in it) has been for a swimming lesson at the hydropool at mypetstop. With the help of the swimming instructor he managed to swim without a swimming aid – resulting in a very proud mummy. Check out the pics…


Here he is sporting his lovely new super absorbent toweling coat, post swim – he’s such a dapper dude…


First Time Face Time

It’s very exciting news for one of our long term pooches who’s family have decided to expand their clan and rescue a dog so he’s got a new brother!! This handsome addition had a pretty hard start in life after being found in a shed in Ireland with his sister. In the search for a new home he’s been passed from pillar to post. Much to the delight of his owners he has settled into his new Whickham forever home fantastically well (thankfully his sister has found a forever home too). We’re made up that he’s now part of the Whickham Walkies gang. He’s already made some new buddies and will be meeting the rest of his play mates over the coming weeks…




While we’ve been out and about this month we’ve bumped into Jill Lawther at Waggytails giving the dogs an extra opportunity for some socilaisation and new playmates and my goodness did they play!

aprilsunshine (7)

Sunshine and showers

Here’s some snaps of the gang enjoying being out and about on walks and with their buddies in April’s sunshine and showers…


And of course we can’t forget to include some sunshine funtime/sprinty snaps from our walks…



Bloat Awareness Campaign

Last week Gill Arney from Safedog Crash Tested Car Crates asked me to share some information on this blog about the Bloat Awareness Campaign which she set up after nearly losing her dog Beau. I also have a close family member whose beautiful Red Setter had suffered with this terrible infliction, so it’s a campaign that’s close to my heart.

Bloat (gastric dilatation and volvulus, or GDV) is a condition that involves the stomach twisting, rotating or flipping and trapping the contents – air / fluid / food. With no means of escape the pressure that builds can cut off the blood circulation to the stomach as well as causing complications with other organs, the heart and major blood vessels. The list of symptoms below are intended to raise awareness of this condition in the hope that it could save a dogs life…

If your dog experiences a combination of the following:

  • your dog wretches from the throat but nothing is produced, other than a small amount of frothy mucus;
  • your dog tries to defaecate unsuccessfully;
  • your dog adopts the ‘sphinx’ position;
  • your dog’s tummy swells up like a balloon and is taut as drumskin;
  • your dog is trying to bite or worry the abdomen; or
  • your dog is very unsettled.


Bloat is a true emergency and you should be prepared to go to your vets straightaway. The chance of survival decreases alarmingly if you delay getting your dog to the surgery more than 60-90 minutes after the first signs.

Gill’s key message is to drop whatever you are doing (not matter how important it seems) and get to the vet.


Large deep chested dogs are thought to be most at risk of developing bloat such as Great Danes, Setters, Weimeramers etc. but smaller dogs can also be affected. There are various other factors suggested by specialists that are thought may increase the likelihood of bloat; the type of food eaten; how fast the dog eats; having an immediate relative that has had bloat; eating large amounts of food or water quickly followed by exercise; being underweight and/or having a fearful temperament.

There is various advice available on how to prevent it, suggestions include:

  • waiting for at least an hour after eating before exercise is given;
  • avoiding rolling your dog over;
  • smaller portions more frequently though out the day rather than one large meal;
  • avoiding excessive amounts of drinking straight after a meal;
  • using a bowl that slows down eating;
  • avoiding raising the food bowl; and
  • being extra vigilant with a dog that has had an episode of bloat as the likelihood of reoccurrence is high.


I have attached Gill’s poster. Please share if you can: Beau Bloat

Happy Birthday Whickham Walkies

It is Whickham Walkies’ anniversary (thank you to Jo Proctor for reminding me of this). I want to send a very big thank you to all my loyal clients and doggies and an extra special big thank you to my husband who has been so supportive throughout the year (and of course not forgetting my beautiful Labrador for behaving very well, most of the time – funnily enough not today – and for all her lovely uniqueness).

Over the year some of the highs have included:

  • getting to know each of the dogs and puppies I care for and understating their breeds, characters and little quirks that make them so unique and loveable;
  • seeing the wagging tails when I arrive and the pooped out pooches when I leave;
  • feeling the pride when all the practice and work put in by clients, trainers and myself starts to pay off, whether it’s responding really well to recall, sitting rather than jumping up when you say hello, walking off lead for the first time, dropping something (or even better leaving it and not picking it up in the first place), going to the toilet on command, playing tug of war nicely with another dog, letting you walk through a door before barging ahead of you – when it happens and it all clicks into place, it’s really satisfying to know you were part of the improvement;
  • having so much fun in the snow (there really has been A LOT of fun);
  • as well as all of the beautiful walks we’ve had and the changing beauty throughout the seasons which, when I occasionally have a second to take it in, takes my breath away.

A very recent highlight has been the launch of my Dapper Dog Photography service and some of the beautiful photos that we were able to provide to clients. I was also granted a licence from Gateshead Council this year for dog boarding, a useful and convenient service for my customers should they need it. I have also just upgraded my dog walking car so that the doggies I walk can be a bit more comfortable – at last!

Some of the most memorable moments this year have included:

  • having to find a pulse on a dummy dog during my canine first aid training and bandage up its paws;
  • seeing some of the puppies I walk absolutely terrified of the same big blue balloon (you kind of had to be there);
  • being slightly concerned that two red kites were going to swoop down and fly off with the  Jackhuahua puppies I was looking after – they were sooo tiny and the kites looked very interested in them and very hungry;

….and memorable for all the wrong reasons…

  • finding a junior Labrador who had managed to eat through a laminate floor and underlay right through to the concrete (plus rugs, plus wine rack) and having to deliver the news;
  • getting my head, neck and ears totally covered in big splodges of bog mud after one on my dogs had a mud bath and flicked his paw at me (his aim was impressive);
  • getting literally wrapped in leads from two rather exuberant dogs and ending up on my back side (I’m sure it won’t be the last time).

There have been sad times: saying goodbye to Ginny a lovely puppy that I walked; and fond farewells to a border collie who has moved on. I will always remember going to say goodbye to her owners and her legs were blue, having just eaten a biro (I wish her and her owners/trainers a lot of good luck); and the little  Jackhuahuas, who I miss very much (as I’ve said in an earlier post) I have very high hopes for swing ball!

There have been mad times: days when you’re tested to the limit and everything seems to have regressed – everything that had gone perfectly the day before is turned on its head; when you have to dig in and remember consistency and patience are key and that it will all pay off in the end! But my least favourite moments are when we have medical incidents (thankfully rare but unfortunately they occasionally happen), poorly tummies, bites, stings, allergies; and a trip to the vet is required – brain clicking in, contacting customers, trying to stay calm and remember the first aid training and sort it all out.

Through the highs, the lows, the blizzards, the baking heat and the side ways rain, there has never been a doubt in my mind though that this is the job for me and I just very much hope I am lucky enough to be able to continue with this much success next year.

To anyone out there interested enough to read this, thank you so much for your support, from Leanne at Whickham Walkies x

Ciao Chihuahua

I won’t be seeing two of my favourite little ladies anymore… two very cute little Jackhuahuas. It’s unbelievable to think how small they were when I first started caring for them as puppies. In fact one year on they’re still so delicately dinky, but I guess to a Labrador owner they would always seem tiny.


In the time that I have been walking them they have both come so far; they have excellent recall and obedience and are so well behaved. On the very last day their owners let me know they had just discovered a secret skill – one of them can play swing-ball (total 80’s blast from the past) and after seeing it with my own eyes couldn’t believe how good she was… you have to see it to believe it.

I’ll really miss them, but look forward to hearing all about their future adventures (and who knows the ‘doggie swing-ball championships’ may someday beckon).