Whickham Walkies offers:

  • walks with a daily variety of activities, routines and changes of scenery;
  • we also occasionally have doggie day trips further afield;
  • individual walks or walk with buddies (typically four dogs walked together on pack walks with up to six dogs on special outings such as trips to the beach);
  • positive communication throughout the time spent with your dog;
  • towel dry in wet/muddy conditions;
  • warm showers can be arranged at an additional cost; and
  • dogs may be allowed to run off the lead when walking in a green space (with your written consent).

buttercupfun (3)

Special requirements

Younger dogs or dogs that need a little bit of extra attention can practice lead walking and basic obedience skills on a one-on-one basis. Where appropriate we can still make sure there is plenty of opportunity to meet and socialise with other dogs.

TLC Puppy Visits

We can be there to:

  • offer one-on-one help with puppy training;
  • help your puppy build confidence in their new environment;
  • clean up any accidents;
  • offer lots of tender loving care, praise and encouragement;
  • fun with toys and treats;
  • back garden play, short walks or park play where this is suitable; and
  • we can help with socialisation where this is appropriate.

This service is suitable for puppies up to 6 months old.


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