January Snaps

A selection of snaps from our outings in the couple of last week… after some serious defrosting the main theme has been (you guessed it) mud, so no change there!

Beach trip

More fun at the beach this January with outings to Seaton Sluice and Druridge Bay, definitely the highlight for me… I just love to see the dogs having so much freedom to run and play and they have been great while we’ve been out and about… which is always an added bonus :-).

Snow Pups

Very happy (and a little bit relieved) to have had some snow this week. It’s meant a chance for some cleaner walks for the doggies, and well, I just love the snow even more than they do (if that’s possible). We didn’t use the car and had a few days of Whickham walkabout – picking…

Beach Pups

More beachy fun this week in an attempt to escape the epic amounts of mud. Lots of loveliness, with fun, playing and chasing and enough room to really stretch their legs. Poor little Oscar however has been kept on the lead as he is a beach comber who will literally eat anything and everything he…

Goodbye gloom

At last… after at least a solid week of rain, murk, gloom , mud and unseasonably mild weather, the sun eventually came out today. By the time of my third walk the sky was blue, the sun shining – it was just lovely. I grew up right by the sea, a minutes walk from the beach…

Muddy Pups

Back to work after Christmas and then there was rain, rain, rain and more rain… Which has meant lots of muddy pups to clean up…   So we escaped to the beach and then there was hail, hail and more hail topped off with some sideways rain. Didn’t stop the doggies having fun times though…

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing all my customers, dog walking pals, family and friends a very Merry Christmas. Big hugs to all the doggies. XX Original illustrations and animation by Leanne Warren 2015

Winter walks

Photo catch up. Snaps of our last couple of walks before the Christmas break… My camera is totally full of sand which is causing me a few problems – but that’s what I get for taking it to the beach so often!

Winter sunshine

You’ve got to love a chilly, crisp sunny day in the Winter. The doggies certainly enjoyed the sunshine when we had a lovely afternoon walk at Hedley Hall Woods…

Beach Bliss

It’s the first time ever that I’ve had a walk at Seaton Sluice beach and we’ve had the whole view completely  to ourselves, not a dog or human in sight for as far as the eye could see. The beach was completely empty for a good half an hour. This was definitely a blissful walk in…

Mucky Pups

Lots of muddy fun for the pups this autumn/winter… with the added bonus of a dusting of snow (hurray!!!!)

Beach Buddies

We’ve had a number of excursions to the beach in recent weeks, a temporary escape from the mud for me, and well the doggies just love the seaside ❤ ❤ ❤ There have been lots of pals to meet out on their walks, lots of splashing and most of all the space and freedom to run…

Autumn days…

“Autumn days when the grass is jewelled”…. and well you know the rest of the song. This October and November we’ve had an array of beautiful colours in the trees and foliage – it has truly been a spectacle to behold. It has also meant lots of sunshine and lots of leafy fun for the dogs…

Beach drifters

We’ve been fortunate enough to find the time for a couple of outings to the beach this November. The first trip glorious afternoon sunshine and we met a beagle along the way who joined our walk. The second trip started warm then soon turned freezing cold with a mix of hail and bracing winds, topped…

Autumn at Chopwell

Another beautiful array of autumn colours. This time it was an afternoon expedition to Chopwell Woods and the hubbie came along too with my two doggies. Lots of fun and mayhem had by all in the soggy autumn leaves. 🙂

Happy Halloween!

This year we had our first ever fancy dress social Halloween walk… the very muddy costumes are already in the wash and I’m already very much looking forward to next years creations. (Not sure the doggies feel the same though – I think they looked a bit ashamed of how excited I was about it).

Indian Summerarama

Wow it’s an Indian summerarama ❤ ❤ ❤ Lots of chasing and playing in the September sunshine… with rainy days few and far between – yippeee!!! Amazing!!! Totally unexpected and long may it last 🙂

Mucky Pup

If there’s a muddy puddle he’ll find it… yes that’s right the Mucky Pup award goes to this handsome fella… ❤

Please help!

I’m trying to get more support for a petition against a controversial beagle puppy farm that has been given the go ahead to operate in Hull, for the purposes of supplying animal testing laboratories. If you can please take a moment to sign the petition and also if you could share the link on social…

First Aider

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since I attended my last Canine First Aid course so feeling good to have got up to date and completed a refresher day….