Ciao Chihuahua

I won’t be seeing two of my favourite little ladies anymore… two very cute little Jackhuahuas. It’s unbelievable to think how small they were when I first started caring for them as puppies. In fact one year on they’re still so delicately dinky, but I guess to a Labrador owner they would always seem tiny.


In the time that I have been walking them they have both come so far; they have excellent recall and obedience and are so well behaved. On the very last day their owners let me know they had just discovered a secret skill – one of them can play swing-ball (total 80’s blast from the past) and after seeing it with my own eyes couldn’t believe how good she was… you have to see it to believe it.

I’ll really miss them, but look forward to hearing all about their future adventures (and who knows the ‘doggie swing-ball championships’ may someday beckon).

Summertime Snaps

We have been out and about safely enjoying the sunshine this month. We’ve been taking extra care when travelling by car, with more shaded woodland and water based walks on hot days and extra drinks of water during and after a walk. We’ve even resorted to getting the hose pipe out for those of our dogs that suffer a little bit more in the heat. It has been fab for some, but for a couple of our pooches it’s all been a bit too hot, hot, hot.

Sno’ way!


With even more heavy snow forecast for tomorrow it looks like there’s no end to the snowy Whickham fun for me and my pals. I’m not sure how my humans are feeling about the snow with all that digging but me and my pals have had lots of fun and can’t wait for more!

Doggie play date

IMG_9428 IMG_9446  IMG_9431IMG_9436

In the Park

IMG_9362 IMG_9358


Snow walking


Garden fun