Bear Bells

Just a shout out for a great little product that I’ve never seen used before until last week when I was out walking at Causey Arch. It’s a ‘Bear Bell’ that your dog can wear which can help to alert prey that your dog is coming and also help locate your dog if they have a tendency to stray or prey into dense wooded or long grassy areas. Obviously not quite as effective or high tech as GPS but seems like a really great idea. The bell also includes a magnetic silencer for those times you don’t want it to be ringing away. Well worth a look – especially beagle owners!!!

I met a lady at Causey Arch whose dogs were both wearing them and they seemed like a very well made product and very good value for money… take a look here Just Dogs in Edinburgh is selling them for just £3.99 each which seems a bargain?!?!

If you do use them then drop me a line as would be great to hear if you think the product has helped you with your dog?


Muddy Pups

Back to work after Christmas and then there was rain, rain, rain and more rain…
rain3 rain4 rain5Which has meant lots of muddy pups to clean up…


So we escaped to the beach and then there was hail, hail and more hail topped off with some sideways rain. Didn’t stop the doggies having fun times though 🙂

Winter Snaps