Merry Christmas!

Thanks to customers, family and friends and other dog care pals for your support this year (and all the lovely prezzies). Wishing you all a fantastic festive season and a very happy and healthy 2015!!!

Despite being mad busy and only having two pairs of hands and walking dogs in groups, I’ve fought the odds and somehow managed to achieve some Christmas photos in the last couple of days last week. The outtakes are hilarious – we’ve had antlers chewed, buried and covered in mud and slobber, some weren’t so keen and needed some bribery and some of them didn’t want to take them off – spot the posers!

Photos by Leanne Warren  @Whickham Walkies, December 2014

Christmas Holibobs

The last walk before my holibobbs involved the annual Christmas Eve humiliation of wearing Christmas hats while out on a walk – why do humans think that stuff is cool? My buddies and I were dressed up in hats and the rest is photo history…


ChristmasEve ChristmasEve3

Christmas involved going away with my humans on my holidays to the beach, ripping open lots of lovely presents and generally having a soopa nice time with my humans all to myself for a change. We had lots of fun jumping about in the sand dunes, but unfortunately no snow. One early morning there was a deep frost  so even the sand looked white – not quite the white Christmas my humans were after, but at least there was lots of sandy fun!

beachy (2) beachy (3)beachy (1) beachybeachy (4) beachy (6)

Christmas Wishes


As a big thank you to all our loyal customers over the last couple of weeks we’ve managed to squeeze in some brief Christmassy photos sessions. Finally I’ve found the time to take a look at them and rather than going with a minimalist style, the designs I’ve come up with have a bit more pizzazz and sparkle than usual. On reflection this could be described as a bit over the top, but hey – is that really possible at Christmas? I’ve had the most fun photographing the dogs (they didn’t seem impressed with the antlers and hats on offer though) and apparently you can never have enough snowflakes (so much for ‘less is more’).

Thanks again to customers, family and friends for your support this year and wishing you a fantastic festive season and a very happy and healthy 2014!

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Please note our last walk is tomorrow morning (24th December) and services resume as normal on the 30th December.

All photos by Leanne Warren at Whickham Walkies.