A sensory explosion



Over the last month a delayed spring and early summer have collided to bring an explosion of sights and sounds, it truly has been a sensory explosion of epic proportions. Nature has erupted in abundance. From the chirpy sounds each morning of birds busy at work, to an eruption of colours in gardens, woodlands, parks and meadows, to the scent of wild garlic – everywhere seems to be suddenly teaming with colour and life.

Humans don their flip-flops, pull out the sun cream and wholeheartedly embrace the changing season, after all there is no telling how long it will last. Parks and woodland that were virtually large solitary playgrounds for me and my doggie pals suddenly offer an oasis of activity, adventure and relaxation for humans (who have been hibernating during the previous cold months).

But oh, alas, as the sun shines and the nights grow longer, the obligatory human ritual of lighting fires to cook delicious smelling meat… BBQ season begins. It tantalizes my senses, for miles around – oh the torture, the cruelty, show some mercy humans!



Oh, deer!

IMG_9557What a difference a week makes. After a bright and sunny start to the half term holidays it had actually started to feel like ‘spring had sprung’. Just a week ago I was lounged across my humans, sunbathing in the conservatory in glorious sunshine. Today I’ve been out in at least four inches of snow that fell overnight. My humans woke up and seemed quite surprised; I woke up and dashed out the back door running in circles and doing doggie cartwheels in celebration of my favourite weather… yippee!

To top off what has been a wonderful Whickham whiteout, my humans and I had a beautiful walk through Watergate Forest Park. Should I say: I had a run, they walked along clad in wellington boots, bobble hats and ski-jackets (anyone would think it was the Arctic).

My humans were very happy to spot the elusive Watergate deer while they were out, which was a beautiful sight in the snow. I was disappointed because after they quickly darted off I couldn’t pick up their scent because of all the snow (drat) but I think my humans were quietly pleased about that. It’s just a shame they didn’t hang around a bit longer to strike a pose  a bit closer to the camera.


Sno’ way!


With even more heavy snow forecast for tomorrow it looks like there’s no end to the snowy Whickham fun for me and my pals. I’m not sure how my humans are feeling about the snow with all that digging but me and my pals have had lots of fun and can’t wait for more!

Doggie play date

IMG_9428 IMG_9446  IMG_9431IMG_9436

In the Park

IMG_9362 IMG_9358


Snow walking


Garden fun



Snowman and the Snow Dog

IMG_9411IMG_9419Yesterday my humans had lots of fun in the garden building a snowman while I had a great time searching for my ball that kept getting lost in the deep snow.

This morning Mr Snowman was looking a bit worse for wear and I’m very sad to report he has since lost his eyes and all his buttons, he’s started to melt, just like on the cartoon my humans watched on Christmas Eve.

On the plus side; a thaw means mud and I love to splash around in mud so lots more fun to come!  IMG_9464