Typical… on a day when every single one of the doggies are being so… alert, obedient, having fun but also being great with their commands, sharing their toys nicely and playing and chasing so well together… I only go and leave the camera at home and have to rely on my camera phone for some snaps – in the rain – drat! I really loved this session they were totally awesome…

Snow Pups


Very happy (and a little bit relieved) to have had some snow this week. It’s meant a chance for some cleaner walks for the doggies, and well, I just love the snow even more than they do (if that’s possible).

We didn’t use the car and had a few days of Whickham walkabout – picking up dogs along the way which they loved – popping by to pick up their pals.

whickhamwonderland2 whickhamwonderland9 whickhamwonderland8

It meant six hours out in the snow for me but happy to report that my snow boots did the job and my feet stayed snuggly warm – despite the freezing conditions ­čÖé


As you may have seen from the facebook update we had a few serious cases of snowballs! This eventually put an end to some of the doggies fun.

But overall just gorgeous – we loved it. I think I speak for all the doggies (maybe apart from little Oscar) when I say ‘more snow please’.

whickhamwonderland6 whickhamwonderland5 whickhamwonderland4 whickhamwonderland3 whickhamwonderland1

Beach Pups

More beachy fun this week in an attempt to escape the epic amounts of mud. Lots of loveliness, with fun, playing and chasing and enough room to really stretch their legs.


Poor little Oscar however has been kept on the lead as he is a beach comber who will literally eat anything and everything he finds and we are trying to keep his mouth clean after┬áhaving his teeth out. Usually he has free run of the beach and I think┬áhe was┬ásulking, just a little bit ­čśŽ

Muddy Pups

Back to work after Christmas and then there was rain, rain, rain and more rain…
rain3 rain4 rain5Which has meant lots of muddy pups to clean up…


So we escaped to the beach and then there was hail, hail and more hail topped off with some sideways rain. Didn’t stop the doggies having fun times though ­čÖé

Beach Bliss

It’s the first time ever that I’ve had a walk at Seaton Sluice beach and we’ve had the whole view completely ┬áto ourselves, not a dog or human in sight for as far as the eye could see.

beachpano beachpano1

The beach was completely empty for a good half an hour. This was definitely┬áa blissful walk in the afternoon sunshine. It’s unbelievable to think that less than 24 hours later Whickham literally ground to a halt from a couple of inches of snow?!?!