Please help!

I’m trying to get more support for a petition against a controversial beagle puppy farm that has been given the go ahead to operate in Hull, for the purposes of supplying animal testing laboratories.

If you can please take a moment to sign the petition and also if you could share the link on social media that would be great…

Beagle Puppy Farm Petition Link –


More information about the puppy farm on Sky news article…
Beagle Puppy Farm Article – Sky News

This is very close to my heart. We have two beagles that walk regularly with us and the thought of using such beautiful,¬†defenseless,¬†loving animals in such a cruel and in-humane way is unthinkable. Please, please, please take a moment to support the petition if you can…

Thanks for your help

Leanne Warren @ Whickham Walkies