Merry Christmas!

Thanks to customers, family and friends and other dog care pals for your support this year (and all the lovely prezzies). Wishing you all a fantastic festive season and a very happy and healthy 2015!!!

Despite being mad busy and only having two pairs of hands and walking dogs in groups, I’ve fought the odds and somehow managed to achieve some Christmas photos in the last couple of days last week. The outtakes are hilarious – we’ve had antlers chewed, buried and covered in mud and slobber, some weren’t so keen and needed some bribery and some of them didn’t want to take them off – spot the posers!

Photos by Leanne Warren  @Whickham Walkies, December 2014

Winter Snaps

Autumn antics

It seems to have been a long hot summer this year but there is no mistaking a change in seasons this month; we seem to have had all the seasons with extra lashings of rain. The dogs have been out having fun in mud and we’ve managed to capture a few moments along the way…

Autumn, first time face time

This delightful duo are going to have to be nicknamed ‘the fozzie bears’ for the time being. Any fans of the Muppets will know, it just has to be…

facetime fozzybear

Summertime Snaps

We have been out and about safely enjoying the sunshine this month. We’ve been taking extra care when travelling by car, with more shaded woodland and water based walks on hot days and extra drinks of water during and after a walk. We’ve even resorted to getting the hose pipe out for those of our dogs that suffer a little bit more in the heat. It has been fab for some, but for a couple of our pooches it’s all been a bit too hot, hot, hot.