Beach trip

More fun at the beach this January with outings to Seaton Sluice and Druridge Bay, definitely the highlight for me… I just love to see the dogs having so much freedom to run and play and they have been great while we’ve been out and about… which is always an added bonus :-).

Goodbye gloom

At last… after at least a solid week of rain, murk, gloom , mud and unseasonably mild weather, the sun eventually came out today. By the time of my third walk the sky was blue, the sun shining – it was just lovely.

I grew up right by the sea, a minutes walk from the beach and I miss it. I miss the happy memories I have of my first dog Poppy, when she was a pup and as she grew up. I miss the summer holidays, walking Poppy for a couple of miles down the long sandy beach to visit my Gran. I miss you Poppy, I miss you Gran. I think that’s why I like the beach so much, so many memories. No doubt we will be back to the beach very soon, it’s a very special place for me.

beachview1 sanddunes beachview

Beach Buddies

We’ve had a number of excursions to the beach in recent weeks, a temporary escape from the mud for me, and well the doggies just love the seaside ❤ ❤ ❤

panobeach1 panobeach2There have been lots of pals to meet out on their walks, lots of splashing and most of all the space and freedom to run until their heart’s content.

We’ve had glorious sunshine, storm clouds, sideways rain, bracing winds and best of all we stayed late to watch a beautiful stormy sunset…



Beachpanorama1 Beachpanorama