Spring Blogathon

We’ve got a busy spring blog, not really sure how it’s May already? There are things on here I’ve been meaning to upload for ages… so here goes…

Travelling in style…

Two of our cockapoos have been having fun-times, off out with their mum and dad on a sixty mile charity bike ride in the Lakes. Some of it running alongside them and the rest of it travelling by doggie carriage. The pair were a bit pooped out the week after their run, but I’m sure Mum and Dad were probably worse! Well done boys and to their Mummy and Daddy!


Making a splash

Our most adventurous and water loving dog (if there’s a rock he has to climb it, if there’s water he has to splash in it) has been for a swimming lesson at the hydropool at mypetstop. With the help of the swimming instructor he managed to swim without a swimming aid – resulting in a very proud mummy. Check out the pics…


Here he is sporting his lovely new super absorbent toweling coat, post swim – he’s such a dapper dude…


First Time Face Time

It’s very exciting news for one of our long term pooches who’s family have decided to expand their clan and rescue a dog so he’s got a new brother!! This handsome addition had a pretty hard start in life after being found in a shed in Ireland with his sister. In the search for a new home he’s been passed from pillar to post. Much to the delight of his owners he has settled into his new Whickham forever home fantastically well (thankfully his sister has found a forever home too). We’re made up that he’s now part of the Whickham Walkies gang. He’s already made some new buddies and will be meeting the rest of his play mates over the coming weeks…




While we’ve been out and about this month we’ve bumped into Jill Lawther at Waggytails giving the dogs an extra opportunity for some socilaisation and new playmates and my goodness did they play!

aprilsunshine (7)

Sunshine and showers

Here’s some snaps of the gang enjoying being out and about on walks and with their buddies in April’s sunshine and showers…


And of course we can’t forget to include some sunshine funtime/sprinty snaps from our walks…



Summertime Snaps

We have been out and about safely enjoying the sunshine this month. We’ve been taking extra care when travelling by car, with more shaded woodland and water based walks on hot days and extra drinks of water during and after a walk. We’ve even resorted to getting the hose pipe out for those of our dogs that suffer a little bit more in the heat. It has been fab for some, but for a couple of our pooches it’s all been a bit too hot, hot, hot.

A sensory explosion



Over the last month a delayed spring and early summer have collided to bring an explosion of sights and sounds, it truly has been a sensory explosion of epic proportions. Nature has erupted in abundance. From the chirpy sounds each morning of birds busy at work, to an eruption of colours in gardens, woodlands, parks and meadows, to the scent of wild garlic – everywhere seems to be suddenly teaming with colour and life.

Humans don their flip-flops, pull out the sun cream and wholeheartedly embrace the changing season, after all there is no telling how long it will last. Parks and woodland that were virtually large solitary playgrounds for me and my doggie pals suddenly offer an oasis of activity, adventure and relaxation for humans (who have been hibernating during the previous cold months).

But oh, alas, as the sun shines and the nights grow longer, the obligatory human ritual of lighting fires to cook delicious smelling meat… BBQ season begins. It tantalizes my senses, for miles around – oh the torture, the cruelty, show some mercy humans!