Snow Pups


Very happy (and a little bit relieved) to have had some snow this week. It’s meant a chance for some cleaner walks for the doggies, and well, I just love the snow even more than they do (if that’s possible).

We didn’t use the car and had a few days of Whickham walkabout – picking up dogs along the way which they loved – popping by to pick up their pals.

whickhamwonderland2 whickhamwonderland9 whickhamwonderland8

It meant six hours out in the snow for me but happy to report that my snow boots did the job and my feet stayed snuggly warm – despite the freezing conditions 🙂


As you may have seen from the facebook update we had a few serious cases of snowballs! This eventually put an end to some of the doggies fun.

But overall just gorgeous – we loved it. I think I speak for all the doggies (maybe apart from little Oscar) when I say ‘more snow please’.

whickhamwonderland6 whickhamwonderland5 whickhamwonderland4 whickhamwonderland3 whickhamwonderland1


Brrrrrr, thermals at the ready… this cold weather isn’t letting up! The poor swans at the Derwent were finding themselves a bit displaced as it’s so cold, even the Lake has frozen over!

Over at Sunniside the little pond had also frozen over and we came across a heron also looking for somewhere to have a drink…



Some of the gang were a little bit curious about the icy puddles… they didn’t quite know what to make of it – especially as it cracked underfoot…





Winter Snaps

Sno’ way!


With even more heavy snow forecast for tomorrow it looks like there’s no end to the snowy Whickham fun for me and my pals. I’m not sure how my humans are feeling about the snow with all that digging but me and my pals have had lots of fun and can’t wait for more!

Doggie play date

IMG_9428 IMG_9446  IMG_9431IMG_9436

In the Park

IMG_9362 IMG_9358


Snow walking


Garden fun